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This software is to be used with either no cam or a grey scale Quick Cam.


    The video conferencing software is designed for the grey scale Quick Cam. This product is extremely fast when being used for video conferencing. It is faster than Net Meeting, VIRC, CUSEEME in fact if you can find something faster than this system please drop me an Email.

    It is not required that both you and the person you want to conference with have a Quick Cam as you do not need a Quick Cam to receive video. This program works well using ICQ as you can quickly contact each other to obtain your IP number or other information before conferencing.

Camera Shots:

Above is the actual picture size and quality using a grey scale Quick Cam.

Above is the what you will see if one of you do not have a grey scale Quick Cam.

How to Conference:

In order to take advantage of this free conferencing system you will need to download Freevue, FreeIP or Freelist. Freevue is the actual grey scale Quick Cam video conferencing software, FreeIP is a program in which you must know the IP Address of the person who you wish to video conference. Freelist is a program that will connect you to a server that you can use to begin a conference. This system is not as hard as it looks! just give it a try!

After you have downloaded the software and are still connected to the Internet start Freevue, then FreeIP and obtain the IP Address of a friend by using ICQ. Another way to use this conferencing system is to start Freevue, then Freelist and connect to the following server:

Freelist Server: http://newmedia.northatlantic.nf.ca/~we910842/flist/flist/fview.cgi

*Please note that must have Freelist and Freevue in the same directory

The Free Software:

Above is a screen shot of the Freelist Program.
Download Freelist

Above is a screen shot of ICQ Program.
Download ICQ

Above is a screen shot of the FreeIP Program.
Download FreeIP

Above is a screen shot of the Freevue Program.
Download Freevue

Any Questions or Comments:

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