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Available Online Resources

Download - An Actual Bed and Breakfast Business Plan.
The Business Plan is available in MS Word or Wordperfect and comes complete with Excel Spreadsheets. Review the Table of Contents & check out the Resources Used to complete the Business Plan.

Download - A Free Bed and Breakfast Checklist.
Find out if operating a Bed and Breakfast is for you, learn some important facts about running your own Bed and Breakfast! Download the Free Bed and Breakfast Checklist ideal for those evaluating the purchase of an existing B&B or considering opening a new B&B.

Available Reading Materials.
Names of assorted reading material to assist you in developing a Bed and Breakfast Business Plan.

Bed and Breakfast Associations.
Associations can be of real assistance to people just starting out or thinking about starting a Bed and Breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Links.
Our Online Database has grown into an International Resource to help travellers find Bed and Breakfast Accommodations.

The Actual Business Plan Series - Other Business Plans.
Find out about other upcoming Business Plans.

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